Local Area Network


Network Address Translation: Typically an internet router multiplexes all the traffic through a public IP to several private IPs. Usually, the machines under the router network cannot be accessed from the outside unless a Port is forwarded in the router configuration, or if such host has previously started a TCP communication with the message source.


Quality of Service: Collection of attributes and settings that configure the behavior of DDS communications.

QoS Profile

Specific QoS that is related with a name, called profile. This is used to create several entities with the same QoS, or to specify which already established QoS an entity should use.


Remote Procedural Call: Client-Server protocol that can be run over DDS. ROS2 services and actions use this kind of protocol.


Transmission Control Protocol


Traversal Using Relays around NAT A TURN server is a network element that supports a common point of redirection of messages. It redirect messages between N nodes connected to it. This is a very common technique in order to traverse a NAT or an unreachable network.


User Datagram Protocol


Wide Area Network